A short drive through Wildflower Country

In August 2018, I took a short trip through Wildflower Country in Western Australia. The consistent heavy rains over winter produced a ‘bumper crop’ of species and specimens. Known as “the largest floral show on earth”, many experienced wildflower hunters confirmed that this was the best display in over a dozen years.

It was a quick three-day, two-night trip but I honestly could have used two weeks because there were literally hundreds of colours, shapes and sizes of plants and trees in flower.

This is the itinerary of my road trip, where the four digits are the post (zip) codes of the towns:

  1. Perth 6000 to Wongan Hills 6603
  2. Wongan Hills 6603 to Dalwallinu 6609 (overnight in Dalwallinu)
  3. Dalwallinu 6609 to Mullewa 6630
  4. Mullewa 6630 to Geraldton 6530 (overnight in Geraldton)
  5. Geraldton 6530 to Coalseam Conservation Park 6522
  6. Coalseam Conservation Park 6522 to Mingenew 6522
  7. Mingenew 6522 to Moora 6510
  8. Moora 6510 to Perth 6000

Destination WA did a great show about the region during their wildflower trail  (08/09/18)

It was a long but easy drive on mostly sealed roads. The unsealed sections were in good condition, so the sedan cars that I observed were able to use the roads without problems. The weather was warm, but not unpleasantly hot and the flies had not begun to swarm. So it was a very easy, comfortable road trip.

The 2018 Western Australian wildflower season was reported across the world! Tourism Western Australia has a great set of online resources if you want to plan your own wildflower road trip. 

My favourite shots from the trip are presented below. Many of these wildflowers are suited to growing in domestic settings – in garden beds, containers and pots. I've developed a small range of wildflower growing kits. The plastic free, biodegradable wildflower growing kits offer a range of colours, floral textures and sizes. The kits include germination granules (called Karrikins granules) to stimulate seed growth. Check out the collection page for all the product details.

Pink Everlasting Daisy Rhodanthe manglesii Yellow PomPom Cephalipterum drummondii

White PomPom Cephalipterum drummondii Coalseam Conservation Park Mingenew

Dampiera Pink Kennedia

Billy Button White Rhodanthe manglesii

A field of wildflowers Yellow PomPom Cephalipterum drummondii



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