Five plastic containers to re-use as mini-greenhouses

I focus on the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Sometimes I can’t avoid plastic. So, I selectively choose containers that I can re-purpose for my seeds. Below are some ideas to help you with seed germination. They’re very effective – I’ve used them myself and achieved great success. These containers are durable and keep the seeds warm and moisture levels high during the early stages of seed germination and plant development. The best part is, you can move them around to chase the sunlight.
What other type of packaging would work as mini-greenhouses? Let us know what works best for you.

1. Fruit or Vegetable Punnet

The perfect mini greenhouse! It already has the drainage holes cut in for you.

2. Fast Food Dessert Container with a Domed Lid

I'll admit it, I do occasionally indulge in a fast food meal with a dessert. At least I can reuse some of the packaging. The domed lid of sundae and milkshake drink containers have a hole in the top - so they are perfect mini greenhouses for extra tall seedlings.


3. Ziplock Sandwich Bag

This is a simple but effective approach to regulating the moisture and warmth of your seedlings. These bags also have a panel on the front so you can write down the type of seeds you've planted and the date they went in.

4. Water Bottle

With a little bit of effort, you can re-use a plastic water bottle. Cut it into three sections. Place the top, where the lid is, over the base. The mid-section can be recycled. This shortened plastic bottle is compact and easy to store.

5. Plastic Storage Box

It is as easy as it sounds. Take an appropriately sized plastic storage container and put your seed trays inside. If you find that there is too much condensation inside the box, just lift off the lid to allow some of the humidity to escape and return it over your seeds. Note, it gets quite warm inside a plastic storage box, so check it everyday. Once your seeds have sprouted, leave the lid off. You can also use plastic takeaway food containers if you only have a few germination pots or seed socks to protect.


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