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Hello, my name is Ailan, the founder of Karrikins. I’ve set up Australian native wildflower growing kits and kitchen herb kits with a focus on easy to grow plants. The affordable kits are a convenient way to achieve success with growing plants from seed. The growing kits contain quality Australian seed, natural, compostable materials for growing plants and simple instructions (just add water!). They make great presents too.

I grew up in a first generation migrant family. So, the garden sustained us during the early years when my parents had very little money. This is where I developed my love of plants. Fast forward several decades, after working in the mining industry and with Aboriginal communities, I developed an appreciation for the natural Australian environment. As a gardening enthusiast, I try growing different types of plants. I also love sharing my experiences (“I grew this!”) with my family and friends. But gifting live plants (especially overseas) can be difficult and expensive. So, I started the Karrikins business to solve my problems of gifting, gardening convenience and sharing the joy of native Australian wildflowers. Due to frequent requests, I have expanded the range to herbs.

The name “Karrikins” refers to a group of compounds produced when a fire burns plant material. Karrikins are essential for seed germination in the Australian bush and promote the healthy growth of plants. The word comes from ‘karrik’, the Noongar Aboriginal word for smoke.

One of my core values is community service. Since 2008, I have invested in The Hunger Project Australia to empower millions of people across the world to achieve sustainable self-reliance and end their dependence on charity. I have visited communities in Ghana, Bangladesh and Malawi and can attest to the transformational work that The Hunger Project is doing. So, I am committing profits from Karrikins to the work of The Hunger Project Australia.

I hope you enjoy your Karrikins products and would love to hear about your experience.

Wishing you every success and happiness, Ailan x

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