seed germination pot and soil disc
seed germination soil disc
seed germination soil disc expanded with water
seed germination soil
seed germination pot and soil disc

Germination Pot and Soil Disc

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These germination pots are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic pots and germination trays. Made from coir peat moss and paper, the pots and soil discs are 100% biodegradable. They provide optimum conditions for your seeds to germinate and establish a strong root system

When your plant roots emerge from the pot, you can place the whole pot into a larger container or into the garden bed. This prevents transplant shock because you won't disturb the fragile root system, maintaining your seedling's health while it continues to grow.

The germination pots are 6cm in diameter and 6cm tall. There are 12 germination pots and soil discs in a pack.

(Tip: Use an egg carton as a tray to keep your pots tidy.)

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